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What makes us different?

Innovative frameworks of The Reader Group of Colleges

We are redefining the boundaries of learning to create innovative frameworks. The Reader Campus has all learning spaces refurbished and offers a wide range of digital equipment, spacious air-conditioned rooms, library including an accelerated reader collection, electronic resources, computer lab, science labs, large multipurpose, areas with benches for students to sit, relax, and eat outdoors.We believe that an intelligent approach produces better results.

  • Planning and preparing
  • Teaching methodically and comprehensively.
  • Conducting frequent assessment
  • Engaging in continual and appropriate follow-up and support
  • Encouraging active student participation in the education process

Above all else, our environment reflects the type of students found on our campus.Here, diverse and spirited younger generation is involved in their own education from inside the classroom and beyond it__ ‘To translate their dreams into reality.’Everything possible is done to ensure the success of not only college and students but the whole Nation.

Science Laboratories:

“The science of today is the technology of tomorrow”

Science Laboratories allow for cutting-edge science instructions for all students.The expansion and modernization of the College of Science laboratories are the main impetus behind.In terms of creating unparalleled learning environments for preparing future generations of scientists.The Reader College is proudly providing science education toward multidisciplinary study with modern equipment such as LED for Science Labs, modern apparatus, spacious separate working area, air ventilation, vanity for water and many more which is providing classroom learning and contributing positively to laboratory experience.

The College Library:

To succeed today, libraries must master many different roles. The college Library is new, multi-faceted and supportive with great design, strong amenities, and a lot to juggle, but mentioned above are all working together and a library is anchoring community life and bringing people together. To help our library fulfill their potential as neighborhood institutions, The Reader College is having updates, the expensive local and foreign books on Literature, Trade, Economics, Medical, Engineering and computer field. All latest periodicals and journals on various subjects including Board and University notifications can be consulted comfortably.The library also has encyclopedia of Islam, Business, Britannica___Not only this variety of services are enhancing academic success in The Reader College.

  • The friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, and available staff is available in the library to help and guide students.
  • Instruction programs are available to teach how to use the library.
  • Computer terminals available and easily accessible.
  • Help available electronically, such as via an e-mail question to a library staff member.
  • Comfortable sitting facilities with the air conditioned room.


College cafeteria plays a vital role in removing tensions and refreshing students. The college canteen is fairly new and provides the facility of spacious, clean and hygienic serving area separate for boys and girls students, staff and visitors.The college cafeteria also comprises with Departmental Division of staff for active working. Our rankings emphasize innovation in food sourcing with reasonable prices,waste reduction, and other sustainable practices with off and on delicious entrées according to the season.

Book Shop:

For better facilitation, all the time actively performing staff of  College Bookshop provides photocopying facility, Stationery, Books and Practical notebooks as well as college uniform.

Hostel :

Hostels have been constructed to provide safe and congenial atmosphere to the students. Separate hostel facilities are available for boys and girls. The living spaces are structured to inspire harmony. We have spared no pains to make the surroundings fresh.

  • Furnished Rooms and attached bathroom in Hostel.
  • Ragging is strictly prohibited and strict discipline is maintained.
  •  Exclusive uninterrupted study room for students after college hours
  • Medical Care, Health Clinic, 24 hrs Security & House-keeping facility available.
  • 24 hrs power back up.
  • Nutritious and multi cuisine delicacy.
  • A Senior Faculty Member as Warden-Friend-Guide is the exclusive feature of the Hostel.


Safety of our students is our prime concern. Thus, our transport facility is fully equipped to provide the safest & the most convenient transport solution. The college provides excellent transportation facilities with a fleet of buses for students.

  • The routes are well planned to cover the entire destinations in such a manner that the daily commuters feel convenient as well as comfortable.
  • New transport routes are formed on request and feasibility.
  • Time schedule is strictly followed.

The Student Council:

The college has the service of Student Council which plays an important role in the management of students affairs and in organizing co curricular events and activities.We consider the college as a dynamic production team. Administrators, teachers, and students are all contributors to this team. Knowledge and ideas are the product of the team effort.Following are the features of student council.

  • The student council facilitates participation in community events, and strives to improve the academic experience of the students.
  • Student council serves as the platform of communication to advance academia in the community.
  • We have a two-fold mission: Student Advocacy and Programming.
  • We strive to gather and express student opinions, actively represent student views, appropriately address student concerns, and provide a forum for the student voice.
  • The student council assists the college administration in the maintenance of discipline and management of student affairs and organize events such as debates, dramas, sports, quizzes, workshops and seminars.

Co-Curricular Activities and Extra Curricular Activities:

We offer a wide ranging co-curricular program to complement each student’s academic life and hold a strong belief that these activities are important in their overall holistic development.All of our students are encouraged to be highly committed to their chosen co-curricular activities and are assured that their full involvement will be supported.. All of our students are encouraged to be highly committed to their chosen co-curricular activities and are assured that their full involvement will be supported.

Following activities are arranged in the college to mould students character, develop a sense of healthy competition and inculcate supreme moral values.

Testing and Monitoring System:

Continuous evaluation of each student is an integral part of the educational process used. Testing to evaluate student learning and to permit timely positive intervention is frequent and regular.

Testing students in this way have a number of very important advantages:

  • Students are prepared to perform well under the pressure of time constraints and develop the ability to organize available time well.
  • Students develop the ability to focus and to sustain concentration for increasingly longer periods.
  • The feedback from testing allows close monitoring and follow-up.

So, the examination department oversees examination system throughout the college and departments are responsible for conducting exams according to their respective academic calendars. The examination department regulates and monitors them and ensures proper invigilation during exams. It is also responsible for the publication of results and management of  grading system. The department facilitates students in all matters related to examinations and results. It works with a vision to build an efficient examination and evaluation system that can set a benchmark for quality and credibility.

When “gaps” in knowledge are identified and eliminated, a gap-free, cohesive structure is built in students’ minds, allowing further, secure learning to take place.

Student Follow-Up:

Students who fall behind in their work are advised, motivated, helped, and coached until they catch up. As long as they manage their own time successfully, students’ time is theirs, otherwise help is given.

Learning Process:

A system of academic tracking , a computerized method of detecting gaps in knowledge – allows the administration to closely follow the progress of each individual. Gaps are pinpointed as soon as they form, and efforts are focused on eliminating them. Valuable time is saved and a gap-free, cohesive structure of knowledge is built in students’ minds.

Our Administration:

Learning that supports the ongoing transformation process is a core vision at The Reader College. To advance the mission and philosophy of our college and foster the development.Our enthusiastic staff members are friendly and skillful.  They always answer questions kindly and carefully.  In addition to that they always encourage students and that’s a big help for them.The Vivid lectures, interesting activitie and  fundamental knowledge of teachers highly motivates the students.

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