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Message from Chairman

Message from the Chairman

The greatest challenge in education is lack of flair and flavour of vision. Our planners and administrators lack originality and consistency to implement any planning in its true sense. Perhaps the worrying factor lies in the fact that we propagate higher education at the cost of primary education. This is like putting the cart before the horse; which means, it is a total inversion of a normal and natural process. The history of academics world-wide sounds that the visionary primary education invariably should proceed the quality of higher education. The entire emphasis, even though lopsided, is on the quality of meaningful education.

It is regrettable to pinpoint that our beloved country is distributing degrees like treacle drops. All this needs to be radically transformed into viable entity. However, it is fortunate that our institution is following the right forms of vision, thereby smoothing-out the wrinkles and creases of the intractable challenges that hamper the path of sterling and quality education.

The Reader Group of Colleges, by all means, has tried its best to salvage the dying embers. It is deeply concerned with the welfare of the teaching and student community: it has created an ambience that is highly conducive to the proliferation of knowledge with the challenges and compulsions of the changing time.