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reader's chairman


Educationists are always in wake of turning the education system more dynamic. The need has never been felt more, than it is now. We are witnessing an intersection of great challenge and great opportunity. At this hour, fathomless students lack access to a high-quality education; still others are unable to chalk up their full potential. Education is the burning issue of the modern world. All across the globe, individuals, organizations and governments recognize that education is the need of the hour, crucial to everything from personal opportunity and social mobility to world peace and prosperity. And there is a fierce hunger for reliable evidence about creative solutions to the long-standing problems, and visionary leaders who can enact transformational change in school and college systems. That is the opportunity. Opportunity to perform ahead than others, opportunity to contribute, opportunity to inspire, opportunity to grow and opportunity to lead the revolutionary change right from the foundation.

I believe that the rudimentary purpose of education is the create men of great intellectual,capable of experimenting new ideas rather repeating the actions of predecessors. Thus, education is making one’s life in harmony to all possible existence and not merely transforming the information.

The Reader Group aims the same to impart to the education system right from the foundation, right from the school. The key objective in RGS & RGC is to provide innovative environment for all dynamic souls in all respects.
Because for me SUCCESS is contribution not accumulation.