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Parent-Teacher Meeting

Co-operation between parents and teachers is of great value. The weaker areas of students are discussed during meeting and strategies are devised to strengthen them. The college faculty members are cooperative with students in the matter of their academic guidelines.

parents and teachers

Parents Orientation

The “Parents Orientation” is helpful as it provides the guidelines and equips the parents with a more accurate mental picture of what their child’s new life will be like. This orientation session provides a glimpse of the college life and all the activities that will play a defining role in personality and character developing of the students. It provides an opportunity to all the parents to get the answers of their striking questions. Learning about academic calendar would also be of practical value to many parents for obvious reasons.

Parents Orientation

Readers Training Workshop for Teachers

The institution organizes Training Workshops, Orientation Sessions and Personal Grooming Sessions for administration as well as for the teachers. These workshops help our teachers to design successful strategies for teaching across generations, reach ultimate aim and to provide specific support that puts them on the road to mastery.

readers training

Reader’s Teachers Training Cell

College is a place of learning not only for students but also for the teachers. We believe that teachers are treasure of invaluable lessons derived from the experiences of classroom. RTTC, therefore, aims to unite our team of professionals, possessing years of invaluable experience, with young and zealous teachers committed to improving their performance in the classroom and beyond.

teacher training

Social Responsibility

We as part of society own some liabilities on our shoulders. Education is the very basic right of every individual and it is the responsibility of the state to ensure “Education for all”. Regrettably, our nation is underprivileged; it lacks the access to free and quality education. The Reader Group, in this regard is highly motivated to serve the society and make education available for all and sundry. In addition, our joint venture with Punjab Patrol Highway Police (PHP) is also an endeavour to support and protect the society.

Social Responsibility

Road Safety

The Reader Group of Colleges strives to inculcate high morals of citizenship among the students. For the purpose, students and teachers of The Reader Group of Colleges attended a seminar about Road Safety. The seminar was given by the Chairman Shaukat Ali. The awareness seminar addressed several topics including rash-driving, over-speeding and abiding by road rules. The participants were interested and captivated by what was being presented.

Road safety

Anti Smoking Campaign

The move to snuff out cigarettes, tobacco products and smoking devices on college campuses has exploded in the past decade. The Reader Group of Colleges led an organized Campaign in this regard. The students took sessions promoting the awareness about damages caused by smoking. The College also organized Anti-Smoking Awareness Walk.

anti smoking

Debates and Essay Writing Competition

The Reader College organizes ‘Essay Writing’ and ‘Debate’ competitions for its students in order to provoke their thinking and for their brain-storming as well. New ideas come in their minds and they get confidence to speak in front of others. Readers Educational Expo Competitions enable them to discuss their ideas with others in order to get a clear picture of their conceptions. ‘Essay Writing’ competition is used as a tool to build the habit of ‘creative writing’ in the students.

Debates and Essay Writing

Readers Quiz Mania

A true artisan craves for polishing every article in a unique way, making it shine and attract the spectators. A student is also a precious article and without polish he/she cannot be valuable in society. The Reader Group of Colleges, hence, holds “Quiz Mania” to polish the students, in a way that their knowledge is increased and they are prepared for their annual exams preparation as well as for the admission tests i.e. MCAT and ECAT.

Readers Quiz

Photography Contest

“In photography there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality” The Reader College organizes photography competitions to give you more time to develop your portfolio, which is a critical part of being competitive in the job market. In addition it provides a more varied curriculum and the opportunity to specialize in this field.

photography contest

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